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I Woke Up In A Strange Place...
8th-Sep-2006 01:55 am
Brief update on the past six weeks:

Boy went back Upstate(good riddance)
I found an apartment (well, a room in an apartment)
Bought a computer, air conditioner, mini-fridge, speaker system, cd rack, shelf and assorted other furniture and oddments for said apartment.
Did laundry a few times
Drank steadily for a few weeks
Acquired a taste for Guinness and Irish pubs (well, An Beal Bocht anyway)
Got sick drinking Jagermeister (after having had an obscene amount of gin, mind you)
Had some friends over
Cleaned the bathroom
Went out for several evening of wine, women and song (sometimes without the song)
Did not manage to effectively pirate a wireless modem signal, despite application of eye-patch and peg-leg
Got my lip pierced, following a whim that coincided with a pay week
Listened to a lot of Rockabilly
Worked a lot for not-enough money
Considered a career as a contract killer
Had my best friend move away after buying him breakfast
Bought Halloween-themed candles at Target
Became addicted to Doctor Who
Ate quite a bit of sushi
Left my shoes at Kyle's house
Lost some weight after making the discovery that food costs money
Got bored and updated my livejournal
9th-Sep-2006 10:17 pm (UTC)
Do I hafta wait another 6 for another update?

That sounds like a doozy. You should post more.
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